Manitoba Trade Definitions

Manitoba Trade Definitions

The Manitoba Trade Definitions (MTD) are a set of documents designed to promote continuity, uniformity and economy in the construction industry in Manitoba. They are a set of guidelines that are refined and developed with consultations and assistance from the trades, general contractors, and other associations that identifies specific aspects of the work that each party is responsible for.

Download the Document (Approved in 2007. Update is pending.)

These guidelines do not add work items, or exclude them from a prime contract, but where work under each scope is included in the contract, MTD designates which contractor is responsible and is best able to perform that task on a construction site.

Users of the MTD may find the definitions helpful in predicting the responsibilities of each trade, and in organizing trade pricing for tendered and other projects. The MTD does not eliminate the requirements of the contractor to follow and abide by all applicable codes, including but not limited to Workers Compensation Board Occupational Health & Safety and all applicable building codes.

Use of the MTD is voluntary and the Winnipeg Construction Association does not assume any liability for the completeness or certainty of the document, and we also do not assume any liability with respect to how they are to be used. We will not provide any guidance on the interpretation of the MTD and we recognize that the published version available may not satisfy every situation.