Gain Unparalleled Access to Projects in Manitoba

Your trusted source for project information for more than 100 years.

At the Winnipeg Construction Association, we have a dedicated team devoted to informing you of all types of construction opportunities in Manitoba.

Through an all-inclusive WCA membership, members have access to public and private projects, in various management processes in our exclusive digital platforms.

Our team is focused on reporting on every type of construction opportunity in Manitoba, including private, public, construction management, design build, sub-trade requests, RFP, P3 and any and all ICI & Civil work, ensuring WCA members get second-to-none access to Manitoba construction opportunities.

With our service offerings, you gain access to our exclusive BUILDWORKS platform – an online source for construction projects in Manitoba with 24/7 connection in the comfort of your own office.

Plus, you’ll also receive our BUILDCAST pre-bid project forecast. This is an exclusive all-inclusive member service in which we provide you with the latest pre-bid information, along with detailed descriptions of the hundreds of projects not yet out for tender in Manitoba.

WCA Construction Information Services operates an authorized Document Outlet on behalf of the Canadian Construction Documents Committee and the Canadian Construction Association. For further information regarding industry endorsed documents: CCDC and CCA Documents

Guaranteed Plan Deposit Program

Save Time Getting Plans and Specifications…

Through our Guaranteed Plan Deposit Program, participating Architects and Engineers will provide plans and specifications to members without requiring a deposit. 

We encourage our members to use our GPD Program, specifically General Contractors and Sub-Contractors, which will save you time and hassle of providing and tracking deposits.

Don’t pay someone witness your signature on construction documents.

Winnipeg Construction Association members can use the services of our Commissioner of Oaths to witness documents without charge. Several of our staff members have this ability during regular office hours.

We’ve also been granted special dispensation to offer the services of a Notary Public. One WCA staff member (non-transferable) has the ability to notarize construction documents for members without charge. Please call to confirm that the Notary is available or email