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WCA sees City of Winnipeg investigation as crucial first step in improving inspection process

September 11, 2019

WCA sees City of Winnipeg investigation as crucial first step in improving inspection process


Winnipeg, Sept 11, 2019 – The City of Winnipeg has released the results of an internal investigation into the conduct of building inspectors who were found to be neglecting their duties on the job. The investigation led to eight inspectors being fired and seven more being disciplined.


The Winnipeg Construction Association has been following this issue for some time, and is looking forward to studying the results of the investigation closely. “There appears to have been a very thorough investigation, resulting in significant actions taken within the inspection department,” said Darryl Harrison, WCA’s Manager, Policy and Research.


“We see this as a crucial first step in building a culture of responsibility and accountability within the department.”


The City of Winnipeg’s CAO, Mike Ruta has also promised a review of field operations in every department. An outside consultant will help with this review. The city is also looking into how it can use technology to better track employee productivity, and is exploring several other measures to ensure employees are doing their jobs.


“Commercial contractors and sub-contractors work very hard to deliver value for their customers. The changes announced today should be a positive step in making sure that the permit department is helping, and not hindering, the construction process.”, said Harrison.


WCA remains committed to working with the City of Winnipeg and the newly-elected provincial government on finding ways to speed up the inspection and permitting process.


“Over the coming months, we’d like to see the city continue to work to streamline the inspection process, re-staff to the proper level and drive a culture of accountability,” said Harrison.



Media Contact: Darryl Harrison, Manager, Policy and Research, 204-775-8664 ext: 2249


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