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The Winnipeg Construction Association is an Integrated Member of the Canadian Construction Association. Your WCA membership includes membership in the Canadian Construction Association.

Membership Structure

Following membership approval, members are placed into one of the following classifications based on their connection to the construction industry:


Regular Member (Complete Spectrum of Services)

A Regular Member shall be a person, firm or corporation, other than trade unions, which, upon application or recommendation, has been accepted as a regular member. Such person, firm or corporation must be actively engaged in general contracting, trade contracting, or the manufacturing of equipment or materials for use on the construction site. Prospective members in this category are further organized into a WCA Division of like companies.


Associate Member

An Associate Member shall be a person, corporation or firm which is otherwise eligible to apply for membership, and which actively provides products or services to one or more sectors of the construction industry, but which products or services are not primarily supplied directly to the construction site. This category includes, but not limited to, lawyers, chartered professional accounts, bonding and insurance firms, human resource firms, benefit providers, quantity surveyors, arbitrators and mediators.


Design/Professional Member

A Design/Professional Member shall be a person, firm or corporation, other than trade unions, which upon application or recommendation, has been accepted into the Design Professional Member category; and who has a professional designation in, and is an actively practicing professional in a profession recognized by the Association, including but not limited to; architects, licensed interior designers, consulting engineers, specification writers and quantity surveyors.

Affiliate/Owner Member

An Affiliate/Owner Member shall be a person, firm, public or private corporation or department of government, other than trade unions, which, upon application or recommendation has been accepted into the Affiliate Membership category, and which regularly procures construction services form one or more sectors of the construction industry. (This includes Owners, Issuing Authorities)



Prospective members of the WCA are typically those firms which are active in the Manitoba construction marketplace in some form. Joining the WCA is very straightforward and our Member Services Coordinator will ensure that the process is clear and efficient.

The Bylaws of the WCA establish that any firm, corporation or person that is engaged in Manitoba in general construction contracting; subcontracting in any construction trade; manufacturing, selling or otherwise dealing in materials, equipment or services and fixtures for the construction industry; or in the professional services – financial, design, or ancillary – to the construction industry or any of the related trades, occupations or callings is eligible to apply for membership in the Winnipeg Construction Association.

In all cases, the WCA Board of Directors shall have the exclusive right to determine the acceptability of any person, firm or corporation to become a member of the WCA.

Following membership approval, new members are placed into one of five contractor categories (Divisions) or one of two Associate / Professional categories. Associate categories do not typically have the same access to information services as the regular member categories.


(Annual Renewal)
Regular Membership: $2,640
Associate Membership: $900*
Design Professional Membership: $500*
Affiliate/Owner Membership: $500*

+ 5% GST

* Limited access to Construction Information