Lean Transformational Thinking

Lean thinking is a mindset and a philosophy that can extend to all aspects of work and life.  This session will dig into Lean adaptable mindsets as well as the practical and diverse application of its techniques.  You will be able to leverage this to create positive change and cultural transformation within your organization, teams and projects as well as to improve personal effectiveness and the ability to influence.

Using universal principles with hands-on exercises, the concept of what is value-added vs. waste will be thoroughly explored for all types of work, activities and roles within the construction community.  Taboo topics, traditional boundaries and existing barriers will be uncovered and explored for innovative approaches to move forward.

You will a build a road map with specific lean techniques that you can immediately and confidently apply.


  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Value, purpose and concept of customer
  • Expanded view of value-added vs. waste
  • Adaptable problem solving approaches
  • The quality connection and mistake proofing
  • Lean house system
  • Change and transformation


This course is ideal for… Anyone within the construction community. From the frontlines to executive leadership. Including: Support roles, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, Site Supervisors, Management and Owners.


Facilitator… Carla Ciepliski, President, Ternion Results Inc.

Carla Ciepliski, P.Eng. is an industrial is an industrial engineer and consultant with over 20 years of multi-sector experience specializing in operations and business process management and continuous improvement methodologies.  Her career was grounded at Procter & Gamble where there was a best-in-class, integrated application of numerous techniques to support high performance team behaviors and organizational excellence.  Carla started consulting in 2007 focusing on corporate capability building, process optimization and project execution methods using LEAN as the base approach.  She has also been providing workshop learning experiences throughout this time for a range of organizations, post-secondary institutions and industry association groups.  Carla has been involved with construction since 2012 and the evolving Lean Construction movement, including being an active member of the Lean Construction Institute – Canada through Calgary’s community of practice.


  • January 29, 2018
    8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Venue:   Winnipeg Construction Association - Burnell Room

1447 Waverley St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T 0P7