Take Control with Microsoft OneNote

Are you finding it challenging to keep track of all the various pieces of information that you need to manage related to your projects? Do you find yourself wasting time looking for that information? Then look no further than Microsoft OneNote for all your information management needs.

OneNote provides you with a central location to store all your project notes and documents; and the flexibility to work with them as you prefer. It allows you to capture information in a variety of ways and then organize and use it according to your needs. OneNote combines the freedom of paper notes with the flexibility and power of digital organizational tools. You can also share all your information with your project team in real time!

Upon completion of this training you will be able to use an information system that allows you to easily and quickly capture, organize, share and retrieve key information.

This course is ideal for:

This session is particularly beneficial to project managers, site supervisors, project administrators and managers. Anyone who is currently managing files of paperwork or multitudes of emails to keep projects on schedule and keep up with change orders would benefit greatly from this workshop.


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