Managing and Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce in Construction

For the first time, there are four generations in the workplace. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys all have different values and goals. And those values and goals can create conflict.

This session gets to the heart of the generational differences; giving you concrete information about each generation with a focus on organizational issues such as how to attract, retain, engage and motivate. You will also learn ways to address the clash of generational communication.

  • Overview of the four generational groupings: Traditionalists/Baby Boomers/Gen X/Gen Y.
  • Cultural beliefs in the workplace of the four generations regarding: authority, hierarchy, loyalty, job security, change, job change, activity and productivity, structure, work flow, communication, information, time, power and flexibility.
  • Ways to address the clash of generational communication.
  • Organizational issues regarding the four generational groups.
  • How to attract the four generations.
  • How to retain the four generations.
  • How to engage/motivate the four generations.

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