Lean Construction Executive Overview

The construction industry is extremely competitive and there is constant pressure to meet deadlines and reduce cost without sacrificing quality. Is it possible to do all three? Is there a way that we can deliver a quality project, on-time and on-budget?

Lean Construction is a production management based approach to project delivery, focused on maximizing value and minimizing waste. Through the application of Lean Construction tools, collaborative planning methods and integrated project delivery contracting strategies, it is possible to significantly improve project outcomes for all stakeholders.

This 2-hour session, designed for Project Owners, Construction Executives and Senior Managers, will provide you with an understanding of the history of Lean Construction and an overview of Lean Construction tools & collaborative planning strategies. As a key decision maker, you will leave with an understanding of the potential benefits of Lean Construction and a roadmap to begin adopting and implementing Lean Construction principles in your organization.

*Supported by the Lean Construction Institute of Canada (LCI-C).

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