Microsoft Excel for Construction (Advanced)

If you have ever had to make a decision based on manually tracked data, you will greatly benefit from this workshop! You will learn that by using electronic forms you can save hours of time, giving you a better scope for decision making and improve communications between departments.

Discover how to capture and link data from different files, track changes and create simple macros. Become educated in auditing and tracking data and data validation. Understand about file security. These features save hours of manual effort and help keep numbers confidential.

Gain a better comprehension of consolidating data from disparate reports, master the ability to create, analyze and compare budget scenarios electronically. Discover the capacity to manipulate and analyze databases via pivot tables and to create management analysis reports. Microsoft Excel is an essential tool to learn for anyone tracking data.

This course is ideal for:

Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Administrators or anyone that uses Microsoft Excel.


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