Construction 101: Putting the Construction Industry “Pieces” Together

Entering the construction industry and trying to learn a piece here and a piece there isn’t effective. Now there is a course designed to put the pieces of the construction industry puzzle together. Don’t let the name “101” fool you! The course is attended by new and longtime employees who all find value in understanding the “why” in “what” we do.

This two-day course breaks down the complexity of the construction industry by showing how various stakeholders – owners, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers fit into the industry. Participants will engage in learning activities that will enable them to appreciate project delivery from concept to closeout. All skills are aimed to help your company be more efficient and effective in improving the bottom line.


  • Introduction to the Construction Industry – Roles and responsibilities
  • Construction Documents – Bid documents and format of drawings
  • Tendering, Bidding and Award of Contracts – Calling and receiving of bids
  • Format of Contracts – Features and types
  • Risk Management – Bonding and construction insurance
  • Legal Matters – Basic principles and typical contract
  • Project Management and Administration – start up to close out basics
  • Services Provided by Construction Associations


This course is ideal for: Anyone who is looking to get a broader understanding of the industry as a whole.

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