The Founding

The Winnipeg Construction Association was founded as the Winnipeg Builders Exchange, just as the city was to embark on a ten-year construction boom. Its primary purpose was the ‘exchange’ of construction information and plans, and to facilitate the tendering process.


The Incorporation

Winnipeg Builders Exchange was formally incorporated. With a membership of 400, Winnipeg boasted the largest exchange on the North American continent.


The First Permanent Residence

Winnipeg Builders Exchange constructed a permanent residence at 290 Burnell Street. Winnipeg and Brandon Bid Depositories Systems formed.


The Name Change

Winnipeg Builders Exchange changed its name to Winnipeg Construction Association to reflect its broader role in representing the industry.


The Start of Safety

WCA was instrumental in establishing the first comprehensive safety program for the province’s building construction industry. Housed at the WCA offices, and funded by a special levy on Workers Compensation Premiums, the safety program staff offers programs from basic first aid to certified (COR) safety programs for construction companies.


The Expansion

A third renovation and expansion to 290 Burnell added much needed office space, housing the safety program, WCA administration, and several tenants.


The Information Age

The WCA developed the Online Planroom – a private internet portal used by members to obtain project information, view plans and specs, and receive addenda.


The Resurgence

WCA membership hit 400 for the first time since 1910.


The Here and Now

WCA purchased and renovated a new office building at 1447 Waverley Street, allowing extra office space for WCA and Construction Safety Association of Manitoba staff, and more opportunities to host education and industry meetings in the Construction Education Centre.